How does The Raffle Work?

You enter the draw for any of our launch releases by selecting your size and entering your customer information. You will then have to fill in your shipping details and select your payment method.

Please check if all details are correct before entering as we are unable to edit sizes or address information. Upon checking our terms and conditions box you are agreeing to the full terms of the raffle, when you enter the raffle for these, a future payment is authorized on your PayPal or Bank Account. We have not taken any money from you. Any money that appears to have gone from your bank account will currently be sitting as pending. After this you will be automatically entered into the raffle (draw) for the release.

Important: entries cannot be amended and can only be cancelled within an hour from the time you entered.

We aim to notify customers within 3 hours of the draw end. Please note: The draw end time is subject to change at any time at Sneakerbaas’ discretion.

If you are unsuccessful your entry will expire and your funds will be released back to you by your PayPal or Bank Account. Please note: this may take 3-7 working days and depends on how fast PayPal or your bank processes it.

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