KangaROOS x 43einhalb "Lupus"


In 2021, the story continues after The Hunter is attacked by the evil sheep. Injured and exhausted, he cuts his way back to his cabin and heals his wounds. After a night of restless sleep, he wakes up with a strange feeling. He feels different. A wild urge consumes his thoughts. He inspects his slowly healing wounds and sees unusual hair growth around them. After unmanageable days and sleepless nights, his condition deteriorates. His human nature disappears and his animal instincts dominate his being. His last sign of life is an entry in his diary, it says I MUST QUIET MY HUNGER. He was never seen again…. But according to legend, there is an angry wolf with a masculine attitude that appears every full moon at midnight - "LUPUS DAEMONICUS"

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    KangaROOS x 43einhalb
    KangaROOS x 43einhalb
    KangaROOS x 43einhalb

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