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Named after the rope makers of the late 18th century, the so called Reepers, the street gained an infamous reputation for a vibrant nightlife full of live music, dancing and mainly adult amusement among locals and sailors from all over the world in the roaring 1920 ́s. Post World War II sex, drugs & Rock ́n ́Roll took over St.Pauli by storm, culminating in the career start of the Beatles around 1960.

The smell of freedom was at all times accompanied by vicious crimes and powerful gangsters taking care of business, some of whom became legends beyond the grave.

Whilst the sailors have been replaced by hordes of tourists, some legendary landmarks have still managed to survive the times of change. History-charged places like Zur Ritze with its iconic spreaded legs logo.

A windowless backyard pub with an attached fully equipped downstairs boxing club, which is still in daily operation until today. In the early 1980 ́s the ground level bar room – a well known playground for outlaws and prostitutes – was shattered by deadly gang shootings. Meanwhile the gym located underneath attracted several international world class boxers to perform their training camps and fight preparations at that time.

Together, KangaROOS and Glory Hole are launching this Collabo based on the Ultimate. The finest nappa leather and perforated calf nubuck were processed on the upper in the Hummel & Hummel factory. The breathable velvet lining reflects the distinctive color scheme on the Reeperbahn. DYNACOIL is - as always - the weapon of choice when it comes to damping systems at KangaROOS.

The KangaROOS x Glory Hole ‘Reeperbahn’ project is an homage to the golden era of St.Pauli & the people charmed by the bright lights and promises of sin.

The sneaker is limited to 400 pairs worldwide.

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