Ultimate NFL ROOS “In memory of 34”


The members of our ROOS team are almost all fans of one of the most popular sports ever: American football. Based on this fact, the motivation grew to pay homage to the sport through a specially created Made in Germany model. This will be offered for the world's largest sporting event, the Super Bowl.

There was only one answer to the question of which material should be used: natural Horween leather, of course!

Former football professional and coach of the Harvard football team, Arnold Horween Sr., developed and produced a special leather over 70 years ago. The leather, which comes from the Midwest of the USA, has since been used for the production of the original NFL football and is now also used in combination with calf nubuck and suede on the upper of the model made in Germany!

When choosing the *ROOS 34* model, the fact that one of the best runninbacks of all time did most of its touchdowns in KangaROOS shoes in the 80s also played a major role in the decision. His name: Walter “Sweetness“ Payton. The crowd favorite of the Chicago Bears wore shirt number 34, which was no longer available after his career. Even if the *ROOS 34* should probably not be suitable for use on the field, it appreciates this extraordinary player and is dedicated to him.

The model has the same Dynacoil damping properties that also characterize many other ROOS models. The insole of the handcrafted and sustainably manufactured inline model in Münchweiler is not only breathable, but also antibacterial, moisture-absorbing and recyclable.

Fittingly, the release takes place one day before this year's Super Bowl, on Saturday February 1st, 2020.

A total of 400 pairs of the sneakers will be on the market.

  • 4702C-3078
  • “In memory of 34”
  • Price: €289,95


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Ultimate NFL ROOS “In memory of 34”
Ultimate NFL ROOS “In memory of 34”
Ultimate NFL ROOS “In memory of 34”
Ultimate NFL ROOS “In memory of 34”
Ultimate NFL ROOS “In memory of 34”
Ultimate NFL ROOS “In memory of 34”

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